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Brand Insights Platform

What is it?

GroundTruth’s Brand Insights Platform is a location analytics tool that helps brands understand foot traffic trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscape.

Unlock the power of location for your brand by analyzing foot traffic insights and consumer behavior with the industry’s most accurate location data.

How it works

Gain insights nationally, regionally or by DMA through:

• Market Share Analysis – Understand your share of the market as compared to competitors

• Foot Traffic Analysis – Analyze consumer visits to your brand’s physical locations

• Brand Affinity – The likelihood of your brand visitors to visit other locations, categories, or points of interest

• Audience Affinity – The likelihood of location-based audiences to visit a brand compared to the average visitation

Client benefits

  1. Choose your subvertical to gain a quick glance at your monthly/ quarterly share within the industry
  2. Analyze trends month-over-month to inform better business and marketing decisions
  3. Focus in on specific markets and/or competitors for more detailed analysis
  4. Understand consumer behavioral and visitation patterns that occur outside your brand’s locations.