GroundTruth on location at

Brick-and-Mortar is Alive and Well

When: Monday, October 1st @ 2PM
Where: Foursquare Stage, Retail Track


  • Eric Hadley, GroundTruth CMO


  • Whitney Fishman Zember, Managing Partner, Innovation and Consumer Technology, Wavemaker
  • Tariq Hassan, CMO, Petco
  • Christina Lu, General Manager, Uni Marketing Center Alibaba Group Marketing

Location, Location, Location

When: Thursday, October 4th @4:30PM
Where: Microsoft Stage


  • Barry Frey, CEO, DPAA


  • Eric Hadley, CMO, GroundTruth
  • Alisa Stern, Head of Programmatic Partnerships, Place Exchange

Research Study: What’s the Value of an in-store visit?

WHEN: Monday, October 1st @ 10:50AM
WHERE: Foursquare Stage, Retail Track


  • Sarah Ohle, VP of Marketing Insights, GroundTruth

AMC Loews Lincoln Square theater

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