Why Ads Manager?

Low CPMs. Credit Card Billing. No minimum spend.

Key benefits include:
  1. Target the right customers based on the stores and places they visit
  2. Customize messaging with dynamic distance, direction and click-to-call options
  3. Measure visits right from your dashboard and eliminate the guesswork

Frequently Asked Questions

Account set up and management

What support do I get once I launch a campaign?
Ads Manager clients can reach out to our team of platform specialists anytime through selfservehelp@groundtruth.com

What do I need to do to set up an account?
Sign up through the GroundTruth website at ads.groundtruth.com, or get in touch at selfservehelp@groundtruth.com

Location verification and accuracy

What locations can I target?
5M blueprints; 100M POIs or any valid business address

How does GroundTruth define reach? What is your reach?
We define reach as the number of device IDs we see through various sources including first-party data through WeatherBug, Location SDK, Data deals, and ad requests. Our monthly global reach is 850M devices/ month.

How does GroundTruth verify location accuracy?

See how it works.

Step 01 — Create Campaign

Set up campaign and targeting

Select from our suite of targeting options, including by real-time proximity targeting, audience targeting, or weather targeting.

Step 02 — Customize

Assign creative

Customize your message to suit your targeting goals. Even assign dynamic test and access landing pages with directions and click to call actions.

Step 03-Launch

Launch your campaign

Set budgets and launch your campaign. Easy as 1-2-3.

Step 04-Measure

Measure success

Track campaign metrics with location analytics, including in-store visits from ad spend!