More Than Just a Mobile Ad Network

Client Benefits

Blueprints provide the basis for a number of client benefits, such as:

Better Accuracy

Better Accuracy – With Blueprints, advertisers can feel confident that when they are targeting a location, there will be minimal wasted impressions.

More Scale

More Scale – With over 200,000 Blueprints created each month, and the speed to build custom Blueprints in minutes, advertisers can feel confident that their mobile AD will reach mass scale.

Precise Audiences

Precise Audiences – Blueprints helps form the basis of our audience profiles. When advertisers choose to target one of our pre-set audiences or decide to create their own, the location behaviors are defined by having visited one or more GroundTruth Blueprints.

Additional Features

Location Determination

GroundTruth’s patented location verification technology utilizes latitudes and longitudes data to determine the accuracy of each signal. Other signals are filtered out due to known inaccuracies or used to upgrade signals to more accurate latitudes and longitudes.

Place Determination

We map places through our proprietary Blueprints platform, which involves automation, human mapping, QA, website scraping to identify open store locations, and regional expertise as part of the operation.

Visit Determination

During this step, we match verified latitudes and longitudes to approved places in our POI database.