GroundTruth would like to offer you a special offer of 10% added value credit to apply to desktop, connected TV, or OTT campaigns when you spend $1,000.00 before the end of the year*. The added value credit can be applied to any campaigns before the end of the year or toward a campaign in Q1 2022 to kick-start your efforts in the new year.

*Applicable to campaigns that begin on or after 10/01/2021. Added value credit will not exceed $500. Added value credit must be applied on or before 3/31/2021. Added value credit must be applied to the initial campaign with a minimum spend of $1,000. The credit can only be used to purchase media for targeting across desktop, connected TV, or OTT. Only one campaign per tenant can qualify for an offer. Can only be used on media activated with GroundTruth.

One of our Platform Specialists will contact you shortly when you submit this form to redeem this offer.