GroundTruth is the leader in location and app monetization. We work with publishers to:

Build new revenue streams.
Learn more about your users' visitation.
Target new audiences for your app.

Here’s how you can do it.

Location data monetization

Monetize the location data from your app through a non-intrusive, ads-free model. Generate a complementary revenue stream to your ads monetization that’s fully compliant with Android & iOS and data privacy regulations, including GDPR, DAA, EDAA, TRUSTe, TAG certified, etc.

Publisher audience insights

Gain information about your app users’ visitation behavior, even when they aren’t engaged in the app. Monetize your app by aligning advertising with user preferences and improve user engagement by understanding who your top users are.

Real-time location intelligence

Receive alerts when your users are near or within a brand location. Send location-based triggers or push notifications based on where users are in real-time.

Ads monetization

Maximize the value of your mobile app traffic with premium brand demand that provides your users high value and relevant messaging.

Integration options


Earn higher revenues by sharing real-time data through our SDK integration. It is fully compliant with data privacy regulations and uses less than 2% daily battery consumption.


Monetize your location data and provide location-based services without changing your existing data collection logic.

Batch Process

Our simplest integration option. Monetize your properties by uploading a CSV file with multiple location records on a daily basis. No coding required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data do you collect? We use everyday data from your app’s environment and turn it into real-world foot traffic insights.

How can I become a data partner? In order to qualify as a data partner, your app must have access to mobile location data in one or more of our target countries. Data must be legally obtained after users have given explicit consent and must meet our quality standards.

What’s your revenue model? Earn higher revenue for your app by providing higher quality location data, such as volume of data, user location depth, signal quality, and breadth of metadata.

Compliant with privacy regulations.