In 2009, xAd was born with the goal of building a revolutionary location solution for advertisers. Since then, we introduced the world to a number of firsts, both as xAd and now GroundTruth. Our Blueprints technology made it possible to deliver actionable location-driven insights to brick-and-mortar retailers. Our milestones, like CPV advertising, Ads Manager, a self-serve buying platform, and our acquisition of WeatherBug, have enhanced the ways advertisers reach and engage their customers in real-time. We’ve even worked with third-party validation companies to ensure that our data is the most accurate on the market.

All of these efforts laid the groundwork for the future of location and allowed us to unlock the full potential and value of our data. It’s also taught us that location-based targeting can have a much larger impact on the world and that we must continue to make deep investments in our platform.

The name xAd served us well for our first eight years, but it also limited us — the word “ad” is in the name, after all. After building a platform that receives more than a billion physical visits a month across 21 countries around the world, it became clear to us that a change from xAd was needed.

So in June of 2017, we rebranded from xAd to GroundTruth.

It’s a name that reflects our growing vision for what location can truly accomplish and the scale at which we can accomplish it. GroundTruth isn’t our destination — it’s the first step on a much longer journey and we hope you’ll join us for the ride. 

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