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GroundTruth Names Chris Yamaoka Chief Privacy Officer

GroundTruth’s appoints Christopher Yamaoka to the role of Chief Privacy Officer.

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What the Super Bowl and Marie Kondo Can Teach Marketers in 2019

Super Bowl 2019 was a bust for a number of reasons—some of which are in marketers’ control and others of […]

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How Mom-and-Pop Shops Can Attract Customers Year Long, Not Just on Small Business Saturday

The first quarter of 2019 is a time to look back on the triple threat of retail-based holidays we just […]

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Toyota drives 1,200 dealer visits with location-based mobile ads

The Tri-State Toyota Dealers Association drove 1,200 visits in a month to dealer lots with an ad campaign that relied […]

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GroundTruth Helps Toyota Steer High-Intent Customers to Dealerships

GroundTruth’s month-long campaign drove over 1,200 visits to specified locations.

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GroundTruth Kicks Off 10 Year Anniversary with Accelerated Platform Growth

1500+ active businesses on the platform; GroundTruth expands into enterprise companies including iHeartMedia and OUTFRONT Media.

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GroundTruth CMO Explains How Improved Location Technology Turns Into Sales For Businesses

Location data is one of the most useful tools for businesses in today’s economy. As mapping technology becomes more detailed […]

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PetSmart Uses Mobile Location Technology To Drive Adoptions

GroundTruth is able to reach potential pet adopters on their mobile devices via real-time targeting of mobile users near PetSmart locations.

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PetSmart Charities Uses GroundTruth’s Location Tech to Help Drive Pet Adoptions in 2018

GroundTruth has teamed up with PetSmart Charities to drive mobile users and potential adopters in-store this year. The partnership is a part of GroundTruth’s Location for Good program, a philanthropic initiative, in which the company donates media campaigns to generate awareness and action for nonprofits.

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GroundTruth Announces Preferred Partner Program for Self-Serve Clients

Partners who are awarded this certificate are skilled in location-based marketing and have demonstrated success in driving offline visitation and performance for their clients.

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Why Ecommerce Disruptors Are Pouring Dollars Into Brick-and-Mortar

A shopper visits a suitcase store to take a vinyasa yoga class. When she’s done, she goes to a lecture […]

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Report: Retailers should invest in better service, faster checkout for stores

The death of physical retail stores has been greatly exaggerated. Although there have been numerous store closings and bankruptcies, some […]