How We Can Help

GroundTruth’s team of creative experts can support your brand’s initiatives, ensuring that ads are not only eye-catching but optimized to best capture your customer’s attention. Creative units below are available as added value with our Managed Service offering for any campaign spend over $10k.

Standard Creative

  • Dynamic Overlay: Dynamically populate text on ads with distance, business name, address, or city callouts.
  • Custom Mobile Web Landing Page: Create more relevant landing page with map, call-to-action buttons, YouTube links, and other promotional information.
  • Animated banners: Animate ads as a GIF or HTML5.

Rich Media

  • Location Capabilities: Dynamically populate text on ads with distance, business name, address, or city callouts.
  • Gaming: Add gamification elements to your creative to engage consumers.
  • Gallery: Showcase multiple images.
  • Countdown: Drive urgency by adding a countdown for limited-time promotions or upcoming holidays.
  • Hot Spots: Add additional product offering information with one-click within the creative.
  • Short Form Video: Add multiple short form videos on ads.


  • Inline Video
  • Vertical Video
  • 360 Video
  • Dynamic Video: Update creative in real-time based on predefined parameters. This highly automated approach allows marketers to deploy relevant, unique, and personalized ads on the fly, helping to vastly improve the effectiveness of the campaign with less time investment.
  • Location: Customize creative based on an audience’s location.
  • Language: Automatically adjust based on the device’s default setting.
  • Weather: Set weather triggers to customize creative based on the audience’s weather.
  • Platform: Device detection for iOS vs. Android allows you to optimize toward their device.
  • Time: Have an offer that is only good for a certain time of day? Leverage this element to tailor a message based on local time.
  • Pricing: Dynamic pricing based on the location nearest to them.

Video Ads

  • Connected TV: Turn any video ad into a CTV ad from Social to Image Collage. Add measurable video interaction with QR code.
  • Dynamic Video: Creative more relevant video ads with dynamic features. Add locations of nearest stores, call out to specific location names, city, contact information, weather, or serve ads specific to time of day.
  • Video Creations: Take images, animation, copies and turn them into a 15 or 30-second ad.

Digital Out-of-Home

  • Turn any ad into DOOH with an easy-to scan QR code.
  • Create ad units for all screen sizes.
  • Benefit from our iterative design process based on performance data to refine content and maximize ROI for clients.

Direct Mail

  • Craft bespoke direct mailer designs tailored to target demographics, ensuring maximum relevance and resonance.
  • Leverage data-driven insights to customize content, offers, and imagery for each project, boosting engagement and response rates.

Social Media

  • Develop highly engaging ad creatives optimized for various platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) to resonate with specific audience segments.
  • Tap into compelling visuals, persuasive copy, and interactive elements to capture attention and drive user interaction.

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