What is Mobile Advertising?​

Simply put, it is sending banner, video, or shoppable ads to people’s phones to drive business outcomes. Given the importance of mobile devices in consumers’ lives, it’s critical for marketers to incorporate mobile advertising into their overall marketing strategies.

Connect with Accuracy

Connect your audience on their mobile device in real time based on where they are in the moment, or throughout their day based on their past behaviors or contextual factors like the weather conditions around them.

Reporting & Insights​

Understand the impact of your mobile campaigns through metrics such as foot traffic attribution and purchase lift. Gain unique insights on your consumers by understand which advertising tactics and audience segments are delivering the best performance.

Benefits of Mobile Advertising

Powered by the accuracy of Blueprints technology, reach users that are associated with audience segment groups based on their real-world visitation history. Our geofencing Display Advertising Platform allows the following targeting options:

Connect with your audience on a device that they interact with throughout the day and at key moments in their journey.
Deliver innovative and dynamic creative solutions that help drive user engagement.
Ensure cost effective ad delivery Mobile ads are extremely cost effective.
Amplify other media channels in your marketing mix to drive performance.
Attribute performance directly to your media.

GroundTruth Ads Appear on Thousands of
Websites and Apps including

Examples of where your ads will appear.

CBS Sports
Food Network
Fox News
USA Today

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