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Grow Your Business by Adding New Products for Your Clients

Real-world behavior powers everything that we do, from audience building and targeting to dynamic creative solutions and attribution. With access to the most accurate intent data in the industry, we can help you…

  • Build Unique Audiences that Drive Real Business Results
  • Activate Targeted Ads Across all Screens
  • Measure the Impact of your ROI

Media Products for all your clients


Customized partner products

  • White-labeled solutions
  • Beta access to new products
  • The ability to add your own 1st party data

On-Boarding and Sales Enablement

  • GroundTruth Discovery Insights Platform
  • White-labeled sales collateral
  • GroundTruth educational series of materials and videos

Reporting and Measuring Solutions

  • Visualized insights
  • Campaign wrap-up insights
  • Attribution studies

Media Products that Help to Boost Ad Performance and Effectiveness, Across All Verticals and Across All Screens

Behavioral Audience

Leverage more than 128 segmented audiences and overlay real-world visitation behavior with demographic data for maximum reach.

Brand Targeting

Reach people who have visited a specific brand location or specialty store. Leverage data from thousands of brands and major chains.

Proximity Targeting

Reach consumers when they are in the defined vicinity of a specific location to influence immediate and future behaviors.


Reach audiences within unique geographical boundaries based on visitation patterns and audience segments.

Weather Triggering

Automate Ad activation based on current and forecasted weather conditions to reach customers based on their surroundings.


Retarget an impressed audience across all screens to make sure your message is being reinforced at the right moment.

Easy Onboarding Process and Dedicated Support Team

No matter how you choose to partner with us, you’ll receive dedicated resources and a support team to extend the services you provide to customers.


Market visits, product & sales training, client seminars, sales contests & rebates, industry intelligence.

localized insights

Real-time sales tools, location intelligence, consumer insight reports, visitation reports, competitive trend analysis.

pre-sale support

Sales/Client “ride-alongs”, mobile brainstorm/campaign kick-off sessions, troubleshooting, Q/A, technical Support.


Monitor all delivery & pacing, enhancements/optimizations, weekly performance reviews/check-ins.

Marketing collateral

White labled product one-sheets, vertical-specific research, email newsletters, and more.

Performance & ROI

Real-time campaign insights, campaign wrap-up reports, detailed audience performance and insights, and campaign recap calls.

Why You Can Trust GroundTruth Data

Brand Safety & Visit Accuracy

GroundTruth employs rigorous industry practices to ensure that your ads do not appear in a context that does not align with your brand values. A mix of manual and automated blocking processes are in place to combat a variety of invalid traffic types, including brand safety concerns.

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