What is Digital Out-of-Home Advertising?

DOOH allows marketers to reach customers as they go about their lives in public on digital screens including outdoor screens, digital billboards, transit stations, and more.

How It Works

Cast a wide net around DOOH placements to reaffirm physical brand messaging and placements with a mobile extension. DOOH Proximity Targeting allows marketers to enhance their advertising strategy in other areas of their media spend.

By reaching audiences near billboards, bus stop advertisements, and other pop-up ads, GroundTruth can also help marketers retarget key audiences and stay top of mind.

With GroundTruth, target audiences based on:


Points of interest, Zip Code, DMA, State, and more


Current weather
conditions or venue


Preset, Custom, or 3rd Party Audiences


Day Part or Day of Week

Creative Category
Media Owner

Reporting & Insights​

Understand the impact of your DOOH campaigns through metrics such as foot traffic attribution, brand lift, sales lift, or web conversion.

Benefits of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Powered by the accuracy of Blueprints technology, reach users that are associated with audience segment groups based on their real-world visitation history. Our geofencing Display Advertising Platform allows the following targeting options:

Attention-Grabbing Placements

Positioned in places where consumers are likely to see their ads repeatedly or over a sustained period, these visual ads have the ability to grab and hold attention.


Ads can’t be closed by the user, skipped, or blocked with an ad blocker.

Ability to Retarget

Connect with people who saw your DOOH ads on additional screens such as mobile, desktop, etc. to reinforce your messaging with an audience segment who has already been exposed to your messaging.


The expense of producing an ad for DOOH is typically the same as the cost of creating an online ad.

Impressions Volume

Delivered across a variety of screens in places frequented by a large, diverse audience.

Where Will Your GroundTruth Ads Appear?

Digital Billboards
Digital Screens at Bus Stops with Shelters, and Public Transit Stations
Screens in Shopping Malls, Restaurants, and Airports

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