Apply GroundTruth’s Real World Visitation Data to Your Programmatic Campaigns

The places people go are truer indicators of habits and intent than what they do online. That’s why GroundTruth leverages data from the physical world to build unique audience and targeting solutions that help our clients reach the right people at the right time with the right message.

Ways to Activate with GroundTruth

Private Marketplaces (PMP)

Mobile ad solution where we curate inventory that matches your audiences and make it available as a PMP.

  • Simplifies buying: Media and Audiences in one place
  • Provides foot traffic measurement
  • Offers access to the full range of GroundTruth’s location-based targeting capabilities:


    Blueprints (On-Premise)




Programmatic Audience Data

Our extensive list of intent-based audiences in the DSP of your choice.

  • Offers access to GroundTruth verified audience data
  • Drives performance through better audience targeting
  • Reach people on any channel or device covered by your DSP, including:




Thousands of Effective Audience Segments

Pre-packaged audiences are ready to activate through all major DSPs.

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Brand Categories

Location Audience

Your Brand Category

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Location Audience

Your Brand Category

Location Audience

Competitive Brand Visitors

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Behavioral Segments

Behavioral Audience

Suburban Moms

Behavioral Audience

Sport Enthusiasts

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