At GroundTruth, we believe performance is only as good as the data that fuels it.

This is why we’ve built a proprietary platform that allows us to capture true consumer behavior in the physical world, based on unrivaled precision, accuracy and scale.

Data Quality is our foundation.

Data Quality is the result of 3 key areas of data purification: 1) The accuracy of mobile location signals, which we call Location Determination; 2) The precision of place mapping, which we call Place Determination; 3) The ability to distinguish and verify real visits, which we call Visit Determination.

Data Quality

Data Quality




How we accurately map places.

We’ve built the only proprietary mapping technology designed with the specific intention of location-based marketing, called Blueprints. But before we explain our technology, below are some of the most common methods of geo-fencing or mapping locations, each with varying levels of accuracy for measuring visitors to stores.

Blueprints is our mapping platform.

We built Blueprints to identify precise location boundaries that captures the world we live in and how we live in it. It’s the only mapping platform that accurately draws brands and multi-layer POIs, which we believe is necessary in order to fully understand who consumers are and how they engage with their surroundings.

It’s about speed, accuracy & scale.

Our proprietary mapping platform is a marriage between automation and human touch. While a majority of our Blueprints are auto-generated, all of our Blueprints are then evaluated, enhanced or improved through our global team of Blueprinters.


Blueprints Created/Month

30 Billion

Blueprint Visitors/Year



21 Countries

With Blueprints

We Blueprint everything.

Blueprints is digitalization of the entire physical world, not just stores and businesses. Blueprints contains over 1,354 different categories of places, together giving us a complete view of contextual real-world behavior. Have a look at a few examples:

How we verify real visits.

Once we’ve verified the location signal and matched it to a place, the final step is determining whether a visit has actually occurred. We look at a number of contingencies that enter into the complex equation of whether we deem a visit to be 100% verified.

How it works for real-time targeting.

We use our Blueprints layers to help marketers better match advertising messaging to where customers are in their "path to store". By understanding whether a customer is nearby a location, in a parking lot, or in a store, marketers can provide more relevant marketing messaging to influence a behavior.

How it works for audience building.

We use verified visits to help us build complex audiences based on the precise Blueprints someone has been in. These real-world personas allow you to reach your desired consumer with supreme accuracy.

How it works for in-store attribution.

Visit Determination provides the basis for how we’re able to provide accurate attribution and performance products, such as Cost Per Visit. As the leaders in location, we're also the only platform to perform annual 3rd-party audits validating the accuracy of our technology.

Why data quality is crucial.

Ensuring data quality in the location industry can be challenging because it requires a myriad of advanced methodologies and validation through real-world data. But, we’ve invested heavily in making sure our data is as accurate as possible in order to be the most efficient platform to drive users to stores and deliver intelligent insights for our customers.