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Cost Per Visit (CPV)

What is CPV Advertising?

CPV (Cost Per Visit) is a groundbreaking advertising solution, which removes the risk or guesswork of traditional media buying, as marketers only pay when in-store visits occur. This new model shifts accountability from buyer to partner, bringing improved transparency and simplicity to the advertising industry.

How it works

GroundTruth’s local advertising platform has been built from the ground up to ensure precision, accuracy and above all else, performance. GroundTruth uses a combination of performance optimized products to generate desired number of visits. The result is a fully customizable CPV advertising solution.

Client benefits

  1. The first offline guaranteed cost per visit performance model.
  2. Provides an accountable performance stream.
  3. Pay for deterministic, 1-to-1 visits only. No panels or projections.
  4. Flexible CPV targeting based on location, weather, audience and more.