Each year, Business Insider celebrates the best and the brightest women in the mobile advertising industry — a sector that has traditionally been dominated by men.

We ask readers and companies to nominate who they think are the most influential women in the business. We also asked that they nominate at least one other competitor to ensure that the list wasn’t self-serving.

In addition, we consulted again with Erin “Mack” McKelvey, CEO of SalientMG, whose knowledge of the mobile ad business exceeds our own.

This is, by no means, a complete list of all the influential women in the mobile advertising business. It is, however, a representation of some of the most powerful women out there, who are running big businesses with large client bases and sizeable revenues.

21. Monica Ho, CMO at xAd

 21. Monica Ho, CMO at xAd

xAd is one of the largest players in mobile location marketing.

The company said in May it had achieved a $250 million gross revenue run-rate, representing 100% year-on-year growth.

This year, Ho was awarded with one of the four inaugural Impact Awards” from the Mobile Marketing Association and was named one of Hot Topics’ 100 most influential North American b2b tech marketers.

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