Brands Think Outside The Box With OOH-Triggered Retargeting

Billboards aren’t a one-to-one media, unless we’re talking about “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri.”

But advertisers are starting to inform their online retargeting efforts with offline exposure data.

Established out-of-home media companies, like Clear Channel Outdoor and Outfront Media, geofence their billboards to retarget consumers online, while platforms like Facebook let retailers use offline purchase data to create Custom Audiences through an offline conversion API.

Newer players, like car-wrapping startup Wrapify, are also popping up to help bridge the gap.

Wrapify pays people to encase their vehicles in branded vinyl graphics and drive around town – so its tactics are completely old-school – but it launched a tool in February that lets advertisers extend their OOH impressions online.

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