Every business that targets local wants to solve the mystery of balancing ad spend versus the real revenue their campaigns drive home. Pouring money into mobile ads while simply hoping the breadcrumbs draw customers to a location does not suffice. That is where location data company GroundTruth believes it can inject itself into the equation.

Today the company announced the rollout of its Ads Manager platform, which will calculate the cost-per-visit for campaigns along with provide other services. GroundTruth says this is the first location-based ROI metric of its kind for mobile advertising.

GroundTruth CMO Eric Hadley says his company’s data and location information gives its customers and partners more ways to understand how they can use location. The introduction of Ads Manager broadens that scope by giving them an affordable means of making data actionable. “It is the power of location brought to the masses,” he says.

With a cost-per-visit model for ads, Hadley says, quick-serve restaurants for instance can understand how their campaigns are received and fine-tune them to drive customers to their locations. The Ads Manager platform, he says, lets marketers to see how the money they spend translates into revenue, especially in the restaurant industry where visitor intent is almost always to dine.

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