How 3 NYC tech companies use organized clubs to bring employees together

Work doesn’t always have to be just about work. When you mix in an element of play, there’s a shared sense of camaraderie that ultimately means happier employees — and better productivity. From women’s groups to rock climbing teams, these companies organize activities that help everyone feel more like friends than coworkers.

Merrill Corporation employees take tech seriously — so seriously that even after the work day ends, a group of women continue to meet and talk shop. Director of Platform Services Peg Mickelson, who has been with the company for 20 years, founded the Women in Tech (WIT) group at the fintech company. She told us about the group’s mission.

What are some groups or clubs employees participate in?

I founded WIT, which connects women and our allies with networking and development opportunities, support women in all stages of their careers and highlights the amazing talent and work of women at Merrill. Our meetings often include guest speakers who share their experiences in technology or leadership. Other WIT-sponsored events include game hours, social gatherings and volunteer events. This year, we’re hosting a “girls in tech” event for Merrill employees and the young women in our lives.

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