Timberland worked with Amplifi, Vizeum and xAd to target fashion-conscious, outdoor-loving 18-34 year-olds with the aim of raising in-store visits.

The campaign targeted audiences based on two factors: proximity to a store and lifestyle.

In the first case, xAd identified audiences most likely looking to buy footwear based on recent store visit to a Timberland store, its stockist, or its competitor’s stores. These consumers were served dynamic ad units that displayed the distance and direction of Timberland’s nearest store.

The platform also targeted consumers based on visits to fashion stores and outdoor activity hotspots. These audiences were directed by rich media and interactive ads to a landing page that gave users quick access to relevant content.

The ads were served via any of the 100,000 apps connected on xAd’s platform.


Overall, the campaign increased store visits by 6.2% to Timberland stores and stockists with 20% of visits taking place within 24 hours of viewing the ad.

Of the audiences who had visited an outdoor activity spot, the ads saw an engagement rate of 6.21% while those who were targeted based on their distance from a store were 52% more likely than the average to engage with the brand.

The campaign not only raised in-store footfall for Timberland, the brand gained insight into its audiences, Andrea Simmen, marketing manager for UK & Ireland at Timberland said. “We been able to understand the impact of our mobile marketing on visitation to our stores and our stockists, but we have been able to engage key audiences with the most relevant messaging to them.”

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