GroundTruth Uses Location Data to Reach ‘Pick-Up Loyalists’

GroundTruth has mapped more than 2,900 Walmart Online Grocery Pick-Up zones within Walmart parking lots, which means brands using GroundTruth’s technology can now build accurate custom audience segments comprised of these specific shoppers.

“By mapping these pick-up areas, not only can we target ‘pick-up loyalists’ but also start to understand how many shoppers are leveraging this service versus going in-store,” says Dan Silver, vice president, head of marketing at GroundTruth. “We are currently offering this analysis for multiple retailers and restaurants and this helps marketers understand and quantify shifts in behavior, and help them plan accordingly.”

GroundTruth has been building new products to keep up with rapidly changing consumer trends, including pick-up and delivery zones.

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