With Product Launch, GroundTruth Helps CPG Brands Focus on ROI

With a new suite of performance-based pricing models, the global location tech firm GroundTruth is looking to tackle some of the most common spending challenges faced by major brand advertisers today.

GroundTruth’s new suite of solutions is being dubbed True Performance, and according to this morning’s announcement, it’s geared exclusively toward CPG brands looking for more efficient and accurate ways to measure their location-based marketing efforts.

The True Performance suite of performance-based pricing models includes GroundTruth’s cost-per-visit model, along with a pricing model for driving product sales that’s being described as the first of its kind.

“[GroundTruth] is the first and only location company to offer a suite of performance-based, offline buying solutions,” said Chief Marketing Officer Eric Hadley. “The [True Performance] suite offers sales metrics to help CPG brands improve ad measurement and focus on ROI at the SKU level, as well as store visit metrics to allow brick-and-mortar brands to focus spend on ads that drive in-store foot traffic.”

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