Shanghai, September 2nd, 2016 — xAd, the global leader in location intelligence that drives sales, today announced its partnership with AdMaster, a leading marketing data technology company to provide its clients with a domestic measurement solution that links mobile campaign delivery to in-store visitation. The solution, “AdMaster Store Visitation Measurement in xAd”, leverages AdMaster’s online ad campaigns measurement technology alongside xAd’s proprietary Blueprints technology to enable advertisers to measure the reach of their mobile campaigns. This helps marketers understand how campaign delivery influences store visitation based on actual foot traffic data. This exclusive partnership represents a milestone in bridging online to offline campaigns.

In 2016, the number of mobile users in China reached 650 million.[1] Advertisers have been quickly adopting to online behavioral shifts, as mobile advertising spending surpassed 50% of the overall digital ad spend in 2015 and is estimated to take up 60% in 2016.[2] Though e-commerce has been rapidly growing in China, 90% of the retail transactions still take place in the offline world.[3] What does the discrepancy among these numbers mean for brands? Marketers are more hyper-aware of the importance of mobile ads and they need solutions to convert online traffic to offline sales. With the location-based precision ad placement, marketers can create solutions that combine online marketing activities with offline store traffic and sales conversion based on real-time foot traffic, as reported in an eMarketer report. In the research, advertisers indented to ramp up the location-based marketing as one of the top three mobile marketing strategies that they would implement in the coming 12 months.[4] Leveraging xAd’s proprietary Blueprints technology and AdMaster’s online ads measurement technology, “The AdMaster Store Visitation Measurement in xAd” solution solves the frustrating challenge for marketers and empowers them to measure the ad exposure’s impact on sales and optimize the campaign through valuable insights.

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, many business challenges could be solved. Though, how to convert online advertising delivery to offline sales remains challenging for not only today’s digital marketing efforts, but for the global advertising industry as whole. AdMaster, as a leading marketing data technology company, has years of expertise in digital marketing and data analytics with advantages in ads performance data, social data and consumers’ behavioral data; meanwhile, it also leads the trend in managing and applying brands’ first-party data, and in realizing the “data hub” strategy through collaborating with other leading data platforms. Through this partnership with xAd, AdMaster will leverage its strength in data technology and integrate the data from brand’s online campaigns with consumer’s offline behavior, so as to help advertisers make their digital ad performance measurable and further, optimize media strategy from the perspective of sales conversion. “The AdMaster Store Visitation Measurement in xAd” represents a more direct, instant and transparent measurement metrics, compared with the traditional GRP/Reach oriented media measurement.

“Accurate measurement solutions are critical in helping brands understand how advertising impacts sales, particularly in the relatively new and fast-growing sector of location-based advertising”, said Dipanshu Sharma, the Founder and CEO of xAd. “By collaborating with AdMaster, we can provide trusted measurement ROI metrics based on store visitation. We believe xAd and AdMaster will help to establish a new standard for offline measurement while helping advertiser to create more precise and measurable campaign delivery.”

“It’s a meaningful partnership with xAd,” said Vincent Yan, the Founder and CEO of AdMaster.“By combining the technology from both sides, linking consumer’s media preference and ad reach, with offline location, moment and consumption behavior, we could co-create the first measurement solution that close the ‘online to offline loop’. We are looking forward to gaining insights from the mobile ad exposure to store visitation conversion, and pushing forward the innovation of performance measurement metrics in location-based marketing.”

Currently, both companies have plans to launch the technology in verticals including Auto, QSR and Cosmetics through the new partnership. With the fast-pace growth in data technology, brands can leverage more insightful data to better understand consumer’s preference, needs, behavior and media consumption habit. In this regard, the partnership between xAd and AdMaster would also facilitate the communication between brands and consumers. We believe, the further development of location-based data technology can overall improve the accuracy of communication between brands and consumers with the right content, through the right channel, and at the right time.

About xAd

xAd is the global leader in location intelligence that drives sales – unlocking opportunity in the 90% of retail transactions that are still completed offline.  By leveraging a mobile device’s current or past location data, xAd can provide in-store visitation insights by market, brand and even by specific competitors.  It is through this first party data and intelligence that xAd can interpret the most relevant moments to introduce a brand’s message, providing a more personalized and meaningful mobile ad experience to consumers while impacting the point of decision – driving in-store foot traffic and sales. Each month, xAd’s patented location solutions help marketers reach unprecedented scale with access to over 500 billion meaningful mobile moments, 325 million people at nearly 100 million unique places and points of interest globally.  With xAd, marketers can finally close the gap between online activities and offline sales. Learn more: www.xad.com.

About AdMaster

As China’s leading marketing data technology company, AdMaster uses cutting-edge technologies and big data to help brands plan their marketing strategies and predict their effectiveness.

By connecting brands, advertisers and consumers, AdMaster acts as a data hub for the digital marketing industry. Our online ad measurement technology tracks over five billion impressions every day on computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. We have long-standing relationships with key Chinese and foreign media providers as well as other industry players, which allow us to integrate data from multiple sources into a single data hub. Thanks to our experience in measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of online ad campaigns for brands from various industries and on multiple platforms, AdMaster is uniquely well positioned to provide advertisers with the insight, tools and expertise that will allow them to maximize their marketing ROI.  Since we started in 2006, AdMaster has served over 80 percent of the leading domestic and foreign brands in China from various industries. We have five business centers and two R&D centers spread across Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Xi’an and Chengdu. Our competitive advantage comes from our cutting-edge technology. We have developed numerous patents and we have 50 percent of our personnel dedicated to research and development.

We are AdMaster and we use data technology to build a happy world!

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