New York, NY – March 3, 2016 – xAd, the leading location platform that enables marketers to reach the right people based on the real places they visit every day, announced a partnership with OUTFRONT Media Inc. (NYSE: OUT), one of the largest out-of-home media companies in the U.S., to expand the OUTFRONT mobile product set. OUTFRONT has signed on as an official beta partner in xAd MarketPlace, the first and only fully transparent, self-service platform for the buying and selling of locations.

With the rise of mobile usage, consumer behaviors and expectations have shifted dramatically, and marketers must adapt in real-time to meet their needs. Increasingly, a consumer’s location has become one of the most important variables in leveraging moments of consumer intent. While most traditional media optimizes within siloes, the MarketPlace tool combined with OUTFRONT’s assets reinforce the priming effect of coordinated messaging in generating buying intent behaviors from consumers. This combination of big screen (outdoor message) – small screen (mobile ad) impact, delivered with location-based relevance, amplifies the effect of each media.

As a market leader in the mobile and out-of-home combined space, OUTFRONT Media will create these custom audience segments to more fluently leverage location and behavior structure in the out-of-home space. Understanding location is a vital tool to audience behavior, as well as a method to reach clients using multiple media to influence outcomes. By reinforcing messaging across multiple media, OUTFRONT has already seen a lift in consumer engagement with mobile and out-of-home. These types of tools will assist marketers in making their campaigns perform better.

xAd founder and CEO, Dipanshu “D” Sharma, launched MarketPlace last week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona announcing, “For the first time ever, marketers will now be able to leverage real-time consumer intent like they can do today for search—but for the physical world.” Sharma continued, “It is a testament to the foundational accuracy of our platform that OUTFRONT relies on xAd MarketPlace to amplify the reach of their out-of-home placements.”

As an early adopter of MarketPlace, Jeremy Male, Chariman and Chief Executive Officer at OUTFRONT Media explained, “The xAd MarketPlace gives OUTFRONT an opportunity to build our own custom audience segments in proximity to our out-of-home locations based upon the most accurate location platform available.” Male continued, “This expands the OUTFRONT Mobile Network offering with unique location-based solutions for our clients. We plan to use MarketPlace as our mobile toolset when combining media for the benefit of our clients as it ultimately allows for improved client engagement.”

MarketPlace is available now in limited beta, with further availability to be announced in the near future. For more information on MarketPlace, or to be considered for the MarketPlace limited beta program, please visit www.xad.com/marketplace.