NEW YORK, NY – March 16, 2017  xAd Inc, the global leader in location intelligence that drives sales, today launched the industry’s first pay-for-performance model for driving offline visits called Cost Per Visit. This solution is patent pending and third-party validated by industry leading location measurement firm, Placed and removes the risk or guesswork of traditional media buying. Now marketers have the option to only pay when in-store visits occur, allowing brands to maximize the power of mobile (understanding a user’s current and/or past location) to deliver right place, right time messaging.

New business model represents shift in accountability from buyer to partner solution

This new model represents a major shift in accountability from the buyer to partner solution, bringing improved transparency and accountability to the advertising industry. With the advent of fake news and some of the industry’s most plaguing questions surrounding “the quality and efficacy of served impressions,” xAd’s move toward a more advanced performance-based model takes the complexity out of having to navigate industry pitfalls like viewability and ad fraud. Instead, marketers can focus on growing their businesses, investing in the value of a visit, and rejuvenating offline sales—a channel that remains extremely relevant and crucial for consumer buying.

“We are at a major inflection point in the retail marketing journey where it’s evident that retailers remain heavily vested in growing offline sales – a smart decision when you consider that more than 90 percent of sales are still happening offline,” said Shashi Seth, Chief Product Officer, xAd. “Since xAd’s core technology has been built around this predicted behavior, our Cost Per Visit model is the most comprehensive solution for the industry.”

xAd’s Cost Per Visit solution eases campaign ROI pressures for marketers

Today, marketers are under increasing pressure to not just collect data from a variety of sources, but then analyze, respond to, and measure against it. xAd’s Cost Per Visit solution relieves many pressures marketers face. By leveraging this model, xAd’s launch partners, The Home Depot and Applebee’s, will pilot a first-to-market solution built off the accuracy of xAd’s Blueprints technology, which precisely defines the geo-boundaries of businesses and points of interests.

“This model creates a complete mindshift for the industry – especially when you equate this to what Cost Per Click did for Search,” says Joshua Lowcock, EVP, Head of Digital, USA (CDO) at UM Worldwide.  “The difference is, there are no accidental clicks when it comes to foot traffic. If a brand’s focus is to drive store visits, you should be able to pay for those visits. Now you can align strategy directly to investment, creating an efficient, powerful buying model, one I believe can really cement location as a strategic must for marketers.”

xAd’s Cost Per Visit model is patent pending and only available in the United States. Pricing and availability varies by industry. For more details or if you have any questions, please visit: https://info.xad.com/cost-per-visit