At GroundTruth, we believe location marketing is as much about mapping as anything else.

This is why we’ve built a proprietary platform that we call Blueprints, that allows us to capture behavior in the physical world with unrivaled accuracy, scale and coverage. Blueprints is the only mapping platform built for the specific purpose of location-based marketing.

Understanding location targeting.

Before we explain the power of Blueprints, it’s important to understand how location is often used for marketing today in the industry. Below are a few of the more common methods of geo-fencing, or mapping locations.

Meet GroundTruth Blueprints.

Since traditional mapping technology was never solely built for marketing, any other method not built for its application cannot fully capture real-world context. It’s imperative to understand precise location boundaries, but it doesn’t stop there. We need to capture the world in which we live in – how we live in it. Therefore, we believe there are 3 layers needed for any one location to fully define the people within it.

Blueprints is about speed, accuracy and scale.

Our proprietary mapping platform is a marriage between automation and human touch. While a majority of our Blueprints are auto-generated, all of our Blueprints are then evaluated, enhanced or improved through our global team of Blueprinters.



30 Billion

Visits/Year to Blueprints



21 Countries

With Blueprints

We Blueprint the things you don’t think about.

For GroundTruth, our mapping platform is about more than just stores and businesses. Blueprints contains over 1,354 different categories of places, together giving us a comprehensive view of contextual real-world behavior. Have a look at a few examples:

Blueprints for real-time targeting.

We use our Blueprints layers to provide context by helping marketers better match advertising messaging to where customers are in proximity to a store. By understanding whether a customer is nearby a location, in a parking lot, or in a store, marketers can provide more receptive marketing messaging to influence a behavior.

Blueprints for audience targeting.

Blueprints help us build complex audiences based precisely on where someone has visited.

Blueprints for visit attribution.

Blueprints provides the basis for how we’re able to provide accurate attribution and performance products, such as Cost Per Visit

Why Blueprints is better.

Our Blueprints Technology was built for a purpose. It was built to evolve, and it’s constantly maintained for accuracy. It’s the perfect balance of automation and human touch.