GroundTruth is committed to Brand Safety and aims to minimize ad misplacement and provide our clients with comfort and confidence with respect to where their advertisement is seen. GroundTruth employs rigorous measures to achieve these Brand Safety goals:
  • GroundTruth blocks all the following categories across our platform: Unmoderated UGC, Extreme Graphic/Explicit Violence, Pornography, Profane Content, Hate Content, Under Construction, Incentivized, Illegal Content, Warez, Spyware/Malware, and Copyright Infringement.
  • GroundTruth has developed a manually curated whitelist based on rigorous criteria and review of app categories, age ratings, app content, and other indicators of brand safety.
  • GroundTruth supports blacklisting by keywords, categories, and app bundles, giving our clients flexibility to customize our whitelist by removing any undesirable content.
  • GroundTruth supports the use of 3rd party measurement tags for brand safety and content verification.
  • GroundTruth works with multiple 3rd parties and industry leaders to audit our whitelist, and ensure we are complying with the industry’s best practices for brand safety.
Takedown Policy

If GroundTruth becomes aware of a Brand Safety violation, we will attempt to take prompt remedial steps to block and/or remove the problematic publisher from the applicable client’s campaign. If prompt action cannot be taken, or is otherwise unsuccessful, we will pause the campaign until we can adequately address the issue and provide assurances that the problematic supply source has been addressed. Contractual consequences for failure to take down problematic supply sources may be addressed in written agreement(s) between GroundTruth and our clients on a case by case basis.