Reach streaming audiences on the big screen (CTV) and on any streaming device (OTT)

Don’t miss out on a growing segment of customers who have ditched traditional TV for streaming content. Through GroundTruth’s Ads Manager, we’ve made it easy for you to target the right audiences on any screen — large or small.

What is CTV Advertising?

GroundTruth is the leader in location, building audiences based on its millions of Blueprinted locations, 75 million monthly active profiles, and a global collection of over 30 Billion visits annually. Now you can extend your reach by targeting your consumers with that same level of accuracy on CTV and OTT over streaming content.

CTV and OTT advertising makes addressable targeting highly effective especially among the increasing number of cord-cutters and cord-nevers. With average completion rates of 95%, CTV and OTT ads can be a powerful tool in your media mix strategy. Harness the accuracy, scale, and breadth of GroundTruth’s audiences to power your cross-device marketing campaigns seamlessly through a single platform.

Connect with Accuracy

Powered by the accuracy of Blueprints technology, reach users that are associated with audience segment groups based on their real world visitation history and demographics.

Location Targeting:

  • Target specific States, DMAs, Zipcodes.
  • Target areas that have shown a high affinity with your store based on past visitation behavior.

Audience Targeting:

  • Target ads to people who have visited a category, brand or location within a certain time period.
  • Use behavioral targeting to reach audience segments with common behavioral traits that align with your products and offerings. (e.g. Pet Lovers, Business Travelers).
  • Create custom audiences by including data on consumer shopping and other behavior.

Benefits of CTV and OTT Ads

  • Seamless way to access and buy CTV/OTT inventory on the same Ads Manager platform as your mobile, mobile web, and desktop campaigns.
  • Leverage GroundTruth’s audiences and targeting capabilities to reach specific users over streaming non-skippable content.
  • Drive impactful messaging and contextual ads using CTV as an additional touchpoint to reach your consumers.
  • Eliminate wasted ads with highly localized and efficient targeting.
  • Premium Inventory from all major exchanges and PMPs

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Don’t miss the opportunity to reach your customers while they are streaming.