2023 MediaPost: Marketing Politics

January 19, 2023

For the past decade, MediaPost’s Marketing Politics has been THE after-action report, where both parties and their agencies compare notes on where all that money went…and whether and where it mattered.

By some estimates, national and local election campaigns spent more than $16 billion this cycle. What did it buy them, in the end? At MediaPost’s 10th annual Marketing Politics we follow the money. As major platforms enforced more restrictive political ad policies and diminished their targeting and tracking features, how did campaigns reallocate budgets into and out of digital channels? CTV and YouTube emerged as major beneficiaries, but how were marketers using these channels in the mix and choosing among the many AVOD streamers vying for their budgets?

Will you be in Washington, DC? We look forward to discussing how GroundTruth’s omnichannel solutions can drive results for your business.

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