GroundTruth’s Chief Revenue Officer, Rosie O’Meara, joins panel centered around AdTech 3.0

April 27, 2022

PrivTech Invest, presented by Grit Capital Partners, is a premier and limited-invitation industry gathering that connects venture capital GPs, Corporate VCs, LPs, family offices, and foundations – with growth-stage private CEOs and experts. At this intimate nexus of the venture ecosystem, you will gain proprietary insight into the state of the market for investing in private technology companies through fund vehicles, and direct investing.

Whether you are a VC, PE firm, LP, family office, angel, corporate innovation team, service provider, or a growth-stage private company, PrivTech Invest is where it all comes together. A full-day format and an exclusive curated group will maximize your time while delivering opportunity and insight to your organization.

GroundTruth’s Chief Revenue Officer, Rosie O’Meara, will be featured as a panelist on a session centered around AdTech 3.0. The pandemic sped up investments in new technology triggering a wave of Adtech exits. At the same time, tech companies dropped third-party cookies, regulators cracked down on privacy issues and consumers became more aware of the importance of their data. Panelists will discuss whether the great adtech pivot will continue in 2022 and what trends for private investment could look like.

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