MediaPost Brand Insider Summit D2C

March 20, 2022 - March 23, 2022

Customers have been empowered. No, really this time! From habitual brand switching to reshuffled media habits, competitive clutter to heightened service expectations – customers are more demanding, diffused and brand agnostic than ever before. The D2C marketers who hope to survive this power shift will learn to partner with customers, not just sell them. GroundTruth is a proud sponsor of MediaPost’s Brand Insider Summit focused on the evolution of Direct-to-Consumer trends. We’re excited to connect with leaders in the space and share how GroundTruth’s solutions can help them drive more results, from brand awareness to visits.

MediaPost’s 7th D2C Brand Insider Summit explores what “customer-first” really means to all aspects of D2C marketing.

This summit will explore:

– Acquisition in a fragmented streaming landscape
– Omnichannel data and MarTech strategy
– Collaborating with customers on product development
– Next-generation CRM
– Brand building against D2C clutter

Are you attending this event? Or want to connect on how GroundTruth’s omnichannel solutions can drive results for your business?

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GroundTruth sponsors MediaPost's Brand Insider Summit