MediaPost Brand Insider Summit Retail

April 16, 2023 - April 19, 2023

Personalization & Efficiency: Driving the Omnichannel Media Plan

With continued inflation and economic uncertainty, we’ve seen a tremendous shift in consumer behavior and expectations. Retailers must embrace technology and adapt new ways to connect, not only to engage and acquire new customers but to maintain customer loyalty as well. Certainly a challenge in today’s climate of price-conscious shoppers and the growing competition against e-commerce giants like Amazon and Retail Media Networks. As a result, retailers’ online presence needs to play an integral part in a brand’s overall success.

Online, in-store, SMS, apps…there’s no shortage of where to meet consumers, but with that comes an even bigger challenge for marketers. At MediaPost’s spring Retail Brand Insider Summit we challenge retail marketing execs to share how they’re managing their multichannel mix. How are they ensuring that they’re talking with consumers on the right channel and in the right way.

Are you attending this event? We’d love to discuss on how GroundTruth’s omnichannel solutions can drive results for your business.

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