GroundTruth On-Location at Brand Insider Summit focused on CPG

May 5 - 8, 2024

GroundTruth will be on-location in Nashville, TN for the MediaPost Brand Insider Summit: CPG!

Steve Glassbrenner will be presenting an informative session on How to Drive More Sales & Incremental Growth.  We will dive into tried-and-true strategies that connect brands with the right audiences on the right screens along the path to purchase.

Experience, Affinity, Affordability: The New CPG Value Proposition

Consumers want products they can believe in, embrace, and identify with. Omnichannel CPG marketing is not just about navigating a complicated customer journey; it is about getting closer to consumers all along the journey. At the Spring edition of MediaPost’s Brand Insider Summit: CPG we dig into the culture of the new CPG marketing. How are brands leveraging new media channels, celebrity and influencer partnerships and product development to make the consumer experience richer, product affinities deeper, brand identification more meaningful?

Value is key in budget-tightening times. But so is the culture around shopping – the how, where, and why people make brand choices. The new omnichannel mediaverse, delivery ecosystems, sustainability and health are all driving brand identity and the focus of this Insider Summit.

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