What is Geofencing Advertising?

Geofencing advertising, sometimes referred to as geofencing marketing, is the application of a virtual boundary around a location, in which certain rules are applied when a mobile device enters or leaves. The size of a geofence can be modified, but most often the shape is a standard radius. A polygon geofence, or boundaries that are more geometric in shape, is another form of geofencing mobile advertising that can more specifically outline the shapes of certain landmarks, buildings or areas. Typically, geofencing mobile ads will be used in the form of display or push notifications to consumers with locally relevant messages, Most often, GPS is used to define whether a device has entered the geofence.

The Blueprints Platform

Blueprints are the foundation of GroundTruth’s ability to create and reach unique audience segments based on real-world behaviors that can be reached across multiple media channels. Blueprints also makes it possible to measure how consumers respond to advertising campaigns, including if they physically showed up to a location or visited a website, to understand the real business results generated by a brand's advertising.

Geofencing Marketing Software

Geofencing Marketing Software

Our geofencing software validates the accuracy of location boundaries with a high degree of confidence. This geofencing marketing software technology is much more accurate at defining business boundaries/polygons (store walls, parking lots, shopping centers and other POIs), versus other solutions in the industry that use radius fences around a business.

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