While other companies claim to offer similar location targeting and insights, GroundTruth is the only company that:

  • Provides true omnichannel capabilities from mobile to desktop to CTV and OTT.
  • Offers full services, from Managed Service to self-serve service through our Ads Manager platform.
  • Is 3rd party validated for its in-store visitation metrics.

Why agencies, major brands, and small businesses trust us:

Campaigns and Services

GroundTruth Other Location-Based Ad Tech Companies
  • Location Targeting – On-Premise, Neighborhood, Geo-Targeting.
  • Audience Targeting – Location-Based Audiences, Behavioral Audiences, Custom Audiences.
  • Weather Targeting – Reach consumers based on current or upcoming weather conditions.
No other location-based marketing company can offer all of these targeting tactics.
Media Channel We can activate your campaigns across every major digital media channel within one seamless and easy-to-use platform.

  • Mobile/Tablet – Reach your audience wherever they are.
  • Desktop – Reach your audience at home or in the office.
  • CTV & OTT – Reach your audience over streaming content on the large screen.
  • Social – Connect with shoppers on social networks like Facebook/Meta and Instagram.
Most location-based companies cannot offer self-serve omnichannel capabilities.
  • Managed: Work with our team of experienced location advertising professionals to set up and run campaigns.
  • Self Serve: Set up and run your own campaigns.
  • Programmatic: Run PMPs or work with GroundTruth external partners to run campaigns through DSP.
Most location-based solutions providers only provide one or two ways to work with them: Managed or Programmatic. They also lack the scale and accuracy needed to reach local consumers.
Pay for Performance
  • CPM – No minimum spend
  • Cost Per Visit (CPV) – First to market to allow clients to pay only when a store visit occurs. GroundTruth is also the only location provider to allow CPV for self-serve users.
Most location-based companies only offer campaigns on a CPM basis.
Creative Services
  • Upload custom creatives
  • Creative repository: allows all users to bulk manage creative assets.
  • Dynamic distance overlay: Dynamically populated text that indicates how far the user is from the nearest business location.
Most location solution providers do not offer creative services.

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