How GroundTruth Is Helping State Lotteries Increase Their Winnings

Jackpot winners don’t have to be the only ones getting a windfall from state lotteries. GroundTruth’s location platform can help state lottery organizations achieve their own wins. Here’s how:

1. We’ll help you hit your target

Our location technology lets you identify and reach people who have visited lottery retailers in the past and, more importantly, those who do so frequently and are therefore likely to go again. Our platform can even identify when mobile users are physically in a store and can send them a message through on-premise location targeting reminding them to pick up a ticket while they’re there—just in case it slipped their mind.

GroundTruth’s proprietary Neighborhoods targeting can also take real-time targeting one step further. Solutions like Neighborhoods can help marketers delineate hyper-local areas of likely visitors to lottery retailers, based on past visitation patterns, so you can deliver ads that efficiently drive sales. This helps you hit your advertising target while helping your players learn about all the great games you have. And, as an added bonus, you are supporting your retail partners by driving foot traffic to them.

2. We’ll spread the wealth by spreading the news

Excitement and knowledge play the main role in increasing ticket sales for new games and mega-jackpots.  With our scale and reach, we can quickly and efficiently give lotto enthusiasts a nudge to buy, as well as reach those potential players who haven’t tried your games before. On the other hand, if you’re looking to focus awareness among new customers only, our ability to see mobile visitation patterns allows you to suppress ads to customers who visited a lottery retailer before so you can prioritize your marketing dollars. In addition to spreading awareness about available lottery products, GroundTruth can deliver messages to the general public letting them know about all the benefits their state reaps from lotto revenues.

3. We’ll drive real-world results

We recently helped one state reap the rewards of location-based marketing for two lotto campaigns. For the first campaign, the messages we delivered sent more than 54,000 customers into lottery retailers and achieved a visitation rate of .48%. On that same campaign, 70% of people who we sent video ads to watched it to the very end. Our on-premise location targeting had an even bigger payoff—namely more than 825,000 impressions and, on those, a video completion rate of more than 78%, meaning that hundreds of thousands of customers standing in lottery retailers watched the whole video and then were instantly able to go play.

GroundTruth’s second campaign for a different product powered a click-through rate that was .56%, higher than the .5% benchmark and had an engagement rate of 7.86%. Our proprietary Neighborhoods product delivered a click-through rate of 72%, which is far above the industry average.

Want to sweeten the pot on your state lottery by maximizing your marketing budget, appealing to existing players, and reaching out to new ones? Go for your own stroke of luck and give GroundTruth a try. Contact us today.