Marketing Strategies That Increase Sales Lift and Foot Traffic

How Real-World Behaviors are Fueling CTV Ad Performance.

In today’s fast-paced, evolving world of marketing, where the boundaries between different media channels continue to blur, Connected TV (CTV) advertising has emerged as the new titan of video marketing. While there is no question that CTV has carved out a significant niche for brands looking for impactful engagement, marketers have just begun to tap the marketing opportunities that lie within this popular media channel.

Let’s explore how brands can leverage CTV with their broader media mix of investments.

Unpacking the Power of Connected TV (CTV)

CTV isn’t just an emerging trend, it’s becoming the future of video advertising. More and more brands are shifting their traditional TV advertising dollars toward CTV. What’s more, streaming services now account for nearly 40% of total TV usage which has steadily outpaced cable and now holds just under 30%.

Did you know that as of 2018, 80% of US consumers were more likely to make a purchase when brands offered a personalized experience? Shoppers haven’t only come to expect that brands are familiar with their purchase history, but a majority of them seem to prefer it. What’s more enticing is how marketers can use GroundTruth CTV ad products to combine real-world behavior, content viewing trends, and demographic insights for maximum reach and precision.

Here are five reasons to use CTV solutions powered by real-world behavior:

  • GroundTruth Audiences – CTV spots can leverage most of the same targeting parameters as a mobile or display campaign.
  • Non-Skippable Ads – GroundTruth Non-skippable CTV Ads prevent viewers from scrolling past a CTV spot. This helps ensure that your message and brand get full exposure. Moreover, your viewability can be measured via Video Completion Rate, or VCR, and total brand time on screen.
  • Multi-touch Attribution – More than ever, it’s important for your marketing investments to generate actual growth for your business. While some CTV advertising products only offer digital metric reporting, GroundTruth offers multi-touch attribution across impressions, virtual visits, QR code scans, and foot traffic. As a turnkey measurement solution, we can establish each attribution touchpoint for its own unique value.
  • Demand Side Platform – We are the engine, the wheels, the gas, and the destination.
  • Weather Triggers – We are one of the only providers of weather-triggered messaging.

Chalking Out a Robust Advertising Strategy

Stepping into the world of advertising in today’s challenging economic climate might seem daunting, but armed with the right strategy, marketers can drive real business results from their investments. Consider this: US digital ad spending was expected to reach $129.34 billion in 2019. It’s clear that a sharp advertising strategy yields results, but how do you stand out in all the noise? The key lies in:

  • Building on Research: Grasping market dynamics, strategies of competitors, and the shifting sands of customer preferences. Shaping, molding, and readjusting your game plan based on consumer behavior is paramount to getting ahead of trends instead of chasing them.
  • Ensuring Visibility: In today’s world, where consumers are inundated with over 10,000 brand messages daily, making an impact is essential.
  • Channel Integration: 58% of consumers use digital devices to check products before buying in-store. This reinforces the need to make sure your have a diverse media mix strategy to complement CTV investments in order to make sure you are reaching your customers through the consumer journey.
  • Leveraging Real-World Behaviors: GroundTruth ensures your brand resonates with consumers when they’re nearby and ready to make a purchase.

How GroundTruth is Driving Real World Business Results for Brands

Fueling your marketing campaign with insights from real-world behaviors can result in heightened brand visibility, enhanced engagement, and growth in customer conversion rates. For example, Ulta Beauty, partnered with GroundTruth to expand its physical presence and a data-driven approach ensured a broader reach and rapid consumer engagement.

  • Targeted Rivals: GroundTruth’s locational data helped pinpoint competitors, ranging from major chains to local boutiques, which expanded reach and took market share.
  • Focused Engagement: By tapping into behavioral insights, Ulta was able to attract shoppers who were intrigued by nearby stores and convert them into customers.
  • Impressive Outcomes: Ulta experienced a remarkable 2.5x visitation rate boost and achieved a state average weekly visitation rate 43% faster than stores that don’t leverage GroundTruth.

As the industry evolves, staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies, like CTV and real-world behavioral insights is crucial for keeping your brand in the consumer spotlight. By strategically weaving CTV into your media mix, you not only expand your reach but also drive impactful revenue-generating performance. This convergence ensures your marketing efforts are as dynamic and responsive as the market demands, resonating with consumers and enhancing brand engagement when it matters the most.