How location data satisfied McDonald's hunger to remain a leader in the German fast food market.
In 2016, the informal eating out (IEO) market in Germany was worth €11.9 billion, and McDonald’s—along with its closest competitor—held 40% market share. Despite this, McDonald’s still faced strong competition from in-house supermarket options, bakeries, and coffee shops, which presented its agency, OMD Germany, with a challenge. In order to keep driving customers to its stores, McDonald’s responded to market trends, offering organic local beef and vegetarian food. Still, it needed to locate and engage the top informal eating out audience, impulse buyers, competitor customers, and families.

Real-World Solutions

Location Targeting using GroundTruth’s proprietary Blueprints technology, which draws polygons around specified points of interest, was implemented so McDonald’s could tightly target its primary audiences while OMD Germany effectively measured the impact of the campaign.

Locaton Audiences were also built using Blueprints for OMD Germany, which included families engaged in leisure time, people who were in close proximity to a McDonald’s restaurant, and consumers who had visited a competitor and were likely to be receptive to fast food messaging. All three audiences were presented with tailored McDonald’s messages relating to where they were in the moments that matter most.


Real Business Results

Tracking visits from location-targeted creative revealed a high return on investment.

A high proportion of people who saw the McDonald’s message and then went on to visit the store did so within 1 hour.

Happy Meal promotion was specifically successful, with a large number of the exposed audience identified within a McDonald’s restaurant within 6 hours of the ad.

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