Phishing alert: We have recently become aware of phishing attempts by scammers posing as GroundTruth recruiters and using GroundTruth’s name and logo without our permission. Any such outreach is not by a representative of GroundTruth or anyone acting on our behalf. To the extent you receive outreach from someone claiming to be a representative or agent of GroundTruth, please contact us at to verify legitimacy.

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GroundTruth is a media platform that drives in-store visits and other real business results. Using observed real-world consumer behavior, including location and purchase data, we create targeted advertising campaigns across all screens for advertisers. We then measure how consumers respond to the campaigns, including if they physically show up to a store location or website, to understand the real business results generated by a brand’s advertising.


WeatherBug attracts people who are looking for the most accurate weather conditions to more effectively plan their day. As a beloved household name brand, we extend our trusted platform to our advertisers to help them build connections with their key audiences on a daily basis.


GroundTruth's annual Internship Drive invites candidates from India to join our 5-month program. Gain experience in cutting-edge technologies and the chance for Pre-Placement Offers. Join us to become a tech and marketing leader.