Stephen McCarthy

President and Chief Executive Officer

Stephen McCarthy is President and Chief Executive Officer of GroundTruth, using his decades of experience in finance and accounting to lead strategic decisions surrounding the company’s future and continued growth. Under Stephen’s leadership, GroundTruth has raised over $100M in equity investment and grew its valuation by 10X, while only growing its employees by 6X.

In his day to day, Stephen balances his time among future planning and fundraising; coordinating contracts with vendors, partners, and customers; developing business plans; and supporting all parts of the organization, from engineering and sales to business development and human resources.

Prior to GroundTruth, Stephen worked in the field of private equity, where he oversaw finance, accounting, and operations for all fund-portfolio companies. During his tenure, Steve worked for such technology companies as Exigen Group (chief accounting officer), MySQL (vice president of finance), Vitria Technology (corporate controller), Exodus Communications (controller), and Centura Software/Gupta.