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Weather Targeting

Weather Advertising

Weather plays a key role in influencing consumer behavior. Powered by the largest network of weather sensors, our weather targeting enable marketers to implement weather triggered ads that target against many weather conditions and quantifiable weather parameters including temperature, wind, UV index and weather alerts.

Key Benefits

  1. Real-time –Precise weather data ensures relevant weather triggered ads.
  2. Accurate – Powered by more than 10,000 weather stations and lightning sensors.

  3. Efficient – On/Off triggering functions so weather ads are only served when parameters are met.
  4. Integration – Combine weather ads with audience targeting, proximity targeting, CPV and more.

How it works

Weather ads target based on the current weather and the forecasted conditions. Combined with location data, weather triggers allow marketers to provide the most contextual, relevant and tailored message to customers and tap into consumers’ moods, desires and purchase intent at any given moment and location. This is weather based marketing at its highest level.