The Sola Company, a specialty foods company known for its tasty low-carb Keto friendly products, used GroundTruth’s Ads Manager platform to conduct a campaign that drove visits to Walmart stores that carried Sola products.


  • The month-long campaign used audience targeting to drive 7.4k visits to Walmart Stores.
  • Most visits occurred one week after being served an ad.
  • Over 3k visitors were considered “new visitors,” having not visited a Walmart in the past 90 days.
  • Approximately 1k visitors were in danger of becoming a lapsed customer. They returned to a Walmart store, thanks to the Sola brand.

  • Walmart expanded Sola to 400 more stores as a result

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Shopper Marketing Trends: Key marketing strategies to influence shopper behavior

Hosted by Rachel Bennington, VP of CPG, GroundTruth

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