Pick-Up & Delivery Zones

Pick-Up & Delivery Zones

What Are Pick-Up & Delivery Zones?

Pick-up and delivery zones is a feature on GroundTruth that show areas surrounding a restaurant where people go before and after visiting that restaurant. It allows restaurants to precisely reach audiences who fall within their pick-up and delivery residential zones.

GroundTruth can reach specific pockets within residential areas which are made up of consumers with a high affinity to a brand’s store or to a specific audience segment. By understanding the zones where consumers frequent, marketers are able to garner substantial insight into these audiences. They can then decide how to engage existing consumers and target new consumers who fall within these areas.

Previously, restaurants would only target a hyper local market and tailor their creative to that specific market. However, now they can also tailor their existing location and visitation intelligence within our platform to strategically meet their customers exactly where they are.

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