How a College Enlisted Residential Targeting Efforts to Boost Enrollment

An east coast college utilized GroundTruth’s Residential Targeting solution to connect with potential students. The school leveraged their direct mailing list to complement their marketing efforts with mobile media targeting. By focusing their efforts on a specific audience, they were able to digitally engage a hyperfocused audience segment who had expressed interest in the past.

Evelyn Aguilera
Sr. Director, Brand Strategy

Our location solutions.

Residential Targeting allows our clients to leverage their existing address data to extend the reach of their messaging through other marketing channels to mobile devices. In this case, the college extended the use of their direct mailing list to retarget potential students. By doing so, the college amplified and reinforced their messaging, making it easy for interested parties to learn more about enrollment with just one click.

GroundTruth protects consumer privacy by never associating a device with an individual address. In order to use Residential Targeting, clients must provide at least 100 valid addresses that will be aggregated into a single location group. This solution allowed the college to create an additional touch point with their core audiences through digital advertising.

Real results.

Case Study / College

The three-week long campaign invited potential students to learn more about enrollment and resulted in a CTR of 0.77%, performing 2.5X higher than benchmark metrics.

Because the campaign was highly targeted toward a specific audience base, the messaging appeared to resonate strongly and led to an effective Cost Per Click of only $0.63. By leveraging their direct mail lists, the college was able to maximize their marketing dollars and extend their reach beyond a mailbox directly to a user’s device, connecting them to key details to help inform their decision-making.


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