Five Truths and Myths about CTV Advertising

Learn about the truths and myths around CTV campaigns from the experts themselves! Understand the best CTV ad platforms & examples with GroundTruth today.

Better grab the popcorn because streaming TV shows and movies are here to stay. In fact, U.S. consumer appetite for streaming is only getting larger and larger! According to Statista, over 39.3 million U.S. households were expected to switch from traditional TV subscriptions to streaming services by the end of 2022, with that number predicted to reach 46.6 million by 2024. With this kind of growth, no wonder savvy marketers are exploring ways to tap into CTV advertising.

A quick search online will provide a lot of resources about CTV advertising, some that make valid points and some that make up points. I hear it all the time, “I know there are a lot of marketing opportunities that surround CTV—I just don’t know what’s fact or fiction.” So, I thought I would set the record straight on five common CTV advertising claims that marketers struggle with to see what is true and what is anything but.


Streamers can skip right past CTV ads, diminishing the value advertisers get from their video spend.

Just not true – at least here at GroundTruth. Non-skippable CTV Ads from GroundTruth prevent viewers from scrolling past a CTV spot. This helps ensure that your message and brand get full exposure. Moreover, your viewability can be measured via Video Completion Rate, or VCR, and total brand time on screen.


CTV and OTT are not the same thing.

Now that is true. CTV (Connected TV) is a subset of OTT (Over-the-Top). OTT advertising is typically shown to users while watching content across mobile, desktop, tablet, or a connected TV. CTV advertising delivers on the big screen only. The benefits of each are unique, so working with a strategic partner will help align KPIs to the right option.


You need high-quality video ads to run on CTV.

I can see how marketers would think this is true. However, yet again, it’s not. You don’t need to invest in expensive linear video ad quality. You can use industry-standard video dimensions of 300×250, 300×100, 728×90, and 300×60 to run video advertising across desktop, mobile, and CTV.


Weather can have a direct impact on your CTV marketing strategy.

I can imagine that a lot of marketers are scratching their heads about this one. So, let me set the record straight—it’s true! Weather-triggered ad targeting can be a great strategy to help drive sales during key seasons and help you outsmart your competitors. GroundTruth is the only provider of weather-triggered advertising messaging.


You can’t track real business results from your CTV advertising.

More than ever, it’s important for your marketing investments to generate actual growth for your business. So, fortunately, this is not true. While some CTV advertising products only offer digital metric reporting, GroundTruth offers multi-touch attribution across impressions, virtual visits, QR code scans, and foot traffic. As a turnkey measurement solution, we can establish each attribution touchpoint for its own unique value.

Living up to our namesake, I’m always happy to sit down with marketers to break down the facts and fiction of CTV advertising. As consumers continue to change their viewing habits and shift toward streaming services, we can provide the insights and capabilities to reach your target market as they watch their favorite TV show or movie.

So, reach out if there are other claims you aren’t sure about. We can help set the record straight and get the most out of your CTV advertising campaigns.

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