GroundTruth’s CTV Calculator

GroundTruth’s Connected TV Calculator: Maximize Your Ad Budget

Try GroundTruth’s Connected TV (CTV) Calculator to understand if you’re fully maximizing your ad budget.

GroundTruth’s CTV Calculator

In the ad tech space, it seems like every other article talks about the power of CTV as an advertising vehicle. Big screen sight, sound and motion, huge captive audiences, laser focused targeting, zero impression waste, non-skippable ads, in-spot engagement, and transparent, real time campaign reporting. If you’re a big screen buyer, what’s not to love about CTV, right?


The most common challenge for CTV buyers is in making sense of the value delivery potential. CPM (cost per thousand) models for CTV are varied. Some providers offer basic CPM packages, but then slap upcharge fees for targeting features like audience or geography. Entry level CPMs are certainly attractive, they are really just sign spinners designed to get you in the door. The problem is that once you’re inside, those deals can get very expensive, very quickly, as soon as you start asking for targeting. It’s important to know how value can be measured head to head when choosing your partner.

The GroundTruth Advantage – CTV Single-Rate Solution

At GroundTruth, we offer a single rate solution for either CTV or OTT, with no upcharges for targeting or other enhanced features. And since impressions across all CTV providers are purchased from the same inventory pools, working with a DSP like GroundTruth means we can share better rates for premium AVOD inventory. Most CTV resellers have to mark up their inventory because they still need to pay an anonymous 3rd party DSP to serve your campaign. Since everything happens programmatically within the GroundTruth Ads Manager platform, from CTV inventory acquisition to ad serving, we can pass the savings back to our CTV clients. We like doing that, it makes for happier, more successful clients.

The GroundTruth CTV Calculator

To measure the potential value of your CTV buy, start with the total number of impressions your budget will yield. For every single extra impression you can get for your budget, you automatically increase your reach. With that added reach, your increased impression footprint mathematically improves the potential for more store traffic, more website traffic, more in-spot QR code scans, more branded time on screen, and more DTC phone calls. To put it simply, the more impressions you get, the greater your opportunity for success. Doesn’t everyone want more?

The GroundTruth CTV Calculator can help you understand whether or not you are fully maximizing your ad budget. Just plug in your total budget and what your current vendor’s CPM is, and you’ll immediately see how many impressions you’re potentially missing out on.

Everyone wants to squeeze as much performance out of their precious ad dollars as possible, and the more impressions you can collect, the greater your odds of success.

Try the GroundTruth CTV Value Calculator for yourself, and then reach out to or fill out the contact form below to schedule a planning call.