How Event Marketers Can Maximize their Consumer Reach this Winter

By GroundTruth Marketing

As the leaves start to change colors and the autumn season approaches, the entertainment industry is looking for big turnouts as consumers venture out to their favorite Fall activities and venues.

Although the level of consumer spending continues to fluctuate, there are some categories such as events that are experiencing positive gains. In fact, entertainment-related events are creating renewed marketing opportunities that have been noticeably absent over the last couple of years. For the first time in a long time, brands and entertainment companies will be able to extend the reach of their marketing campaigns this winter, on the heels of a busy summer.

Here are several tips that can help marketers reach consumers as they escape the cold weather this winter and venture to entertainment venues:

Top 4 Event Trends and Marketing Insights For This Winter


Consumers are tuning in from their couches.

INSIGHT: Keep in mind there could be millions of people who are watching events on TV and therefore potentially exposed to your onsite event branding. Marketers can segment these audiences beyond the event to include other relevant behaviors through digital and streaming video.


Consumers need real-time ad engagement at events.

INSIGHT: An alternative to onsite event sponsorship can be real-time ad engagement before, during, or even after the event. This helps marketers create connections between brands and consumers during meaningful moments and an opportunity for ongoing engagement after the event has actually occurred.


Past sponsorships advise future events.

INSIGHT: Understanding whether those exposed to onsite event branding went to one of your locations is paramount to making sure your marketing dollars impact actual business performance. This kind of insight, along with campaign performance, can be instrumental in planning future events.


Event-goers provide insights.

INSIGHT: Event-goers can be a great source of insights to help marketers find niche segments of consumers. For example, Sports brands looking to reach this unique consumer segment can use location data insights to understand who physically attended.

Visitation Data is the Answer

Visitation data allows marketers to connect their digital marketing and advertising efforts with actual in-store outcomes. And as a result, they can build marketing campaigns that get real customers to walk through the door. As consumers head back indoors to events and entertainment venues, the most successful marketers are connecting the dots between their targeting strategies and media channels to ensure their ads are engaging the right audience, at the right time, at the right place.

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