How Video Impacts ROI

Watch this webinar where GroundTruth CTV expert, Tom Donoghue, along with Nexstar's Maria Doherty and Christine DiMaria, discuss important CTV/OTT strategies that can help marketers drive real business results.

The rise of targeted video ads across channels, from pre-roll to connected TV ad units, has presented marketers with an opportunity to showcase offerings through a more engaging and attention-grabbing medium. However, video advertising is not a science. Watch this webinar play where GroundTruth’s CTV expert Tom Donoghue, joined by Nexstar’s Christine DiMaria and Maria Doherty, chat through:

  • The evolution of the CTV/OTT space and what it looks like today
  • The difference (and benefits) of both audience and publisher targeting
  • How to set up your media campaigns to drive more measurable visits, either in-store on online
  • And more

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