Omni-Channel Strategy: Using Connected TV, Desktop and Mobile in One Platform

In the world we live in today, your customers are spending more time on mobile devices and Connected TV (CTV) than ever. CTV ads can be a powerful tool in your media mix strategy. Harness the accuracy, scale, and breadth of GroundTruth’s location-based audiences to power your cross-device marketing campaigns seamlessly through a single platform. You can now target your customers based on their real world visitation history through Connected TV ads and mobile ads on the same platform.


  1. Learn seamless ways to access and buy CTV inventory on the same Ads Manager platform as your mobile, and desktop campaigns and how to set up these campaigns
  2. Discover use cases of when and where it will be optimal to use desktop and CTV along with mobile
  3. Get to know the advantages of running these channels in the same platform such as:
    • Leverage GroundTruth’s audiences and targeting capabilities to reach specific users
    • Drive impactful messaging and contextual ads using CTV as an additional touchpoint to reach your consumers
    • Eliminate wasted impressions with highly localized and efficient targeting
    • Premium Inventory from all major exchanges and PMPs
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