Roundtable Discussion: GroundTruth on Cookies Disappearing and What that Means for Advertisers

With cookies disappearing, advertisers are searching for a way to prevent disruption in their 2024 ad strategies. GroundTruth offers the solution. Hear all the details in this roundtable discussion.

Advertisers are projected to spend more in 2024 than any year prior. But with cookies disappearing, many are worried about the return of those dollars spent. Thankfully, there is still time to plan and invest in the right strategies so that you still achieve the real business results you need to make this year a success, like driving foot traffic to your locations, incremental sales, and overall higher ROAS.

In this roundtable discussion, you’ll hear from GroundTruth’s Brandon Rhoten, Chief Marketing Officer, and Matt Knight, SVP, Product & Technology, cover how you can protect yourself against the upcoming changes and what opportunities for growth are available to advertisers that act now.

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